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Zambia's Top Forty


Trophy Records Of Zambian Game Animals

Measurement of the Top Forty of each species taken in Zambia by safari hunting clients guided by a licensed Professional Hunter from 1983 to 31st December, 2013

CONTENTS   Page No.       Page No.
Introduction   1        
Abbreviations and Symbols   2        
Award Winning Trophies   3 & 4        
African Lion SCI 5 & 6   Steenbok SCI 70
African Leopard SCI 7 & 8   Zambezi Sitatunga SCI 71, 72 & 73
Spotted Hyaena SCI 9 &10   PHAZ Straight Line 74, 75 & 76
Cape Buffalo SCI 11 & 12   Tsessebe SCI 77 & 78
Roland W ard 13 & 14   Warthog SCI 79 & 80
Chobe Bushbuck SCI 15, 16 & 17   Common Waterbuck SCI 81 & 82
PHAZ Straight Line 18, 19 & 20   Crawshay’s Defassa Waterbuck SCI 83 & 84
Bush Pig SCI 21   Blue Wildebeest SCI 85
Blue Duiker SCI 22 & 23   Roland Ward 86
Southern Bush Duiker SCI 24, 25 & 26   Cookson’s Wildebeest SCI 87 & 88
Yellow-backed Duiker SCI 27   Roland Ward 89 & 90
MAP OF ZAMBIA   28        
Livingstone’s Eland SCI 29, 30 & 31        
PHAZ Straight Line 32, 33 & 34        
Sharpe’s Grysbok SCI 35 & 36        
Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest SCI 37, 38 & 39        
Hippopotamus SCI 40 & 41        
Southern Impala SCI 42 & 43        
Klipspringer SCI 44        
Southern Greater Kudu SCI 45, 46 & 47        
PHAZ Straight Line 48, 49 & 50        
Black Lechwe SCI 51 & 52        
Kafue Lechwe SCI 53, 54 & 55        
Red Lechwe SCI 56        
Oribi SCI 57 & 58        
Puku SCI 59, 60 & 61        
Common Reedbuck SCI 62, 63 & 64        
Roan Antelope SCI 65 & 66        
Sable Antelope SCI 67, 68 & 69        


Abbreviations and Symbols Used

NOTE: In cases where scores of more recent trophies equal positions up to No. 40 in the PHAZ Top 40 Book, the earlier trophies take precedence.

For omissions, errors or alterations to recorded details – please advise Colin Dunn in writing



Symbols Used

PHAZ Professional Hunters’ Association of Zambia Lwengu Lwengu Safaris * Horn broken or damaged; measured as existing
SCI Safari Club International Malambo Malambo Safaris o Award winning trophies
RW Rowland Ward Mbeza Mbeza Safaris Zambia Ltd. ~ Amendments/corrections
    Mbizi Mbizi Game Ranch – Misaligned
African Exp. African Experience Miengwe Miengwe Game Ranch  
Af.Game African Game Conservation and Safaris Mitchell Mitchell Safaris Zambia Ltd.  
Alfa Recr. Alfa Recreational Safaris Miyombo Miyombo Safaris  
Bang. B’Craft Bangweulu Bushcraft Safaris Mogambo Mogambo Safaris  
Baobab Baobab Trails (Zambia) Ltd. Msikizi Msikizi Safaris  
Big Game Big Game Safaris Ltd. Mtendere Mtendere Game Ranch  
Bimm Bimm Safaris Muchinga Muchinga Adventures  
Buffalo Buffalo Hunting Mulobezi Mulobezi Safaris (Zambia) Ltd.  
Mzimbili Mzimbili Game Farm Mwingi Mwingi Game Ranch  
Busanga Busanga Trails Ltd. Nansai Nansai Game Ranch  
CGS Cotton Gordon Safaris Nchila Nchila W ildlife Reserve  
Chibote Chibote Safaris Ngwenya Ngwenya Safaris  
Circuit Circuit Safaris Nkanga Nkanga River Game Ranch  
Eastern Eastern Safaris Ltd. Nsonga Nsonga Game Management  
Eco Eco Safaris Nyampala Nyampala Safaris  
Exclusive Exclusive Safaris Ltd. Nyanga Nyanga Safaris Ltd.  
Funji Funji Safaris Nyumbu Nyumbu Safaris  
GMZ Game Management Zambia Ltd. Nyakolwe Nyakolwe Game Ranch (unfenced)  
G/Trackers Gametrackers Safaris Ltd. ProHunt ProHunt Zambia  
Getaway Getaway Safaris Rev. Fund Revolving Fund  
Greystone Greystone Park Royal Z Royal Zambezi Wildlife  
H.Horizon Hunting Horizons(Z) Ltd. Safex Safari Expeditions Zambia Ltd.  
H&G Hunters & Guides Zambia Ltd. Shiwa Exp. Shiwa Expeditions  
Hunt Zam. Hunt Zambia Ltd. Sky Sky Safaris  
Hunters Hunters Ltd. or Hunters Ltd. Zambia Sofram Sofram  
Jungle Jungle Safaris S&S Swanepoel & Scandrol  
Kakuli Kakuli Safaris Tudor Tudor Conservation Ltd.  
Kalwewo Kalwewo Game Ranch United United Safaris  
Kota Kota Kota Kota Hills Valley Valley Safaris  
Kushinga Kushinga Wangwa Wangwa Game Ranch  
Kuzuma Kuzuma Safaris Ltd. Wildcat Wildcat Safaris  
Leopard R. Leopard Ridge Wildlives Wildlives Game Farm  
LC&S Luangwa Crocodile and Safaris WLPA Wildlife Producers’ Association  
Lilayi Lilayi Game Ranch Zambezi Zambezi Hunters (Pty.) Ltd.  
Lion Heart Lion Heart Safaris Zamsaf Zambia Safaris Ltd.  
Luawata Luawata Conservation Ltd. ZNTB Zambia National Tourist Board  


Introduction – Trophy Records of Zambian Game Animals Recorded By PHAZ Measurers of Professional Hunters’ Association of Zambia Since 1983

It was in 1981 when our Chairman at the time, David Frost, conceived the idea of producing a book to promote Zambia’s Professional Hunters on the world stage. At the time there was only Zambia Safaris Ltd. until the latter part of 1970ies when two other safari companies, namely, Big Game Safaris and Hunters Ltd., had started up and it appeared more would follow.

David Frost and Keith Asherwood were instrumental in forming a Training Programme and an apprenticeship system for up-coming young (and older) Professional Hunters. Zambia Safaris Ltd. had previously developed a system when it was the only safari outfitter in Zambia and it had also encouraged a training programme to help indigenous Zambians to enter into the Safari Hunting world as Professional Hunters but with only limited success, mainly because of the limited background abilities of some of the earlier applicants.

David Frost was, in addition to being a wildlife enthusiast, also a wildlife conservationist but he was also the owner of a leading printing and publishing company in Zambia which proved extremely helpful. When he retired his daughter, Pricilla (known as Cilla) and later his son, Peter, helped with the printing works necessary for both PH Training systems and for the Animal Trophy Record Books.

If my memory serves me correctly, there were only two Roland Ward official measurers in 1982/3, namely, Phil Nel (Zambia) and Robin Hurt (Kenya). Phil was a leading and well- respected Professional Hunter as indeed was Robin but they spent most of their time in the bush. It was therefore decided that I should apply to become registered as a measurer with SCI and Roland Ward. We adopted the SCI measurement system to determine the winners in the CAT and ANTELOPE categories commencing in 1981. Other categories were introduced later.


Then Heather Asherwood and Mike Heath (who worked for David Frost) joined me as official PHAZ measurers but Mike then became a fulltime Professional Hunter who was therefore out of Lusaka most of each year.

We basically use the SCI measurement system but for the spiral antelope we changed our start date to 1991 as the earlier trophies were not measured using the identical method. For buffalo and wildebeest we also measure for Roland Ward. Later we introduced our own PHAZ STRAIGHT LINE measurement for the spiral antelope which is a single straight line measured for each horn with no other distractions.

After much thought the format was decided and that a book should be prepared reflecting Zambia’s Top 20. Later as more excellent trophies were harvested, this was increased to Zambia’s Top 40.

With the increase in the number of Safari Outfitters and their apparent lack of interest or willingness to bring PHs’ trophies for measuring or call the official measurers to visit them and measure their outstanding trophies, it has become difficult for many PHs to have their trophies measured and Michael Borman has now joined Heather and me as a PHAZ measurer and I would personally like to thank them both for their dedicated contribution to this 7th Edition to 2012.

Roland Norton, a previous Chairman, wrote the introduction for the 2006 edition very eloquently, and it reflects our sentiments exactly.

A special thanks goes to the team members who have dedicated so much of their time to this task and especially to my wife, Fiona, who has spent hundreds of hours over the last thirty years collating and checking the records and having all six of the previous record editions published – they are the unsung heroes to whom we are all grateful.